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The stack is a zone of play and the process of using it. Whenever a player plays an action it is put on top of the stack. The flow chart to the left describes the working of the stack.


The process of putting an action on the stack. To do this the player must be the active player, must control a leader and must:

  1. Display the card they are playing or indicate the ability that they are playing.
  2. Deduct the energy cost (Play cost) of the action and pay any other costs (such as draining the permanent the ability is on).
  3. Choose the source of the action if needed.
  4. Choose targets of the action, taking into account implicit and explicit targeting requirements such as those in the text of the action and range.
  5. Place the card on the stack (usual just the middle of the table).


The effect of an action (as defined by the rules of the game and the text of the card) is enacted. The effects of an action occur in the order printed on the card (or defined in the rules) and nothing else can happen during the resolution of an action. This includes instantaneous effects like characters going to the discard pile because of damage.

Note: This page needs to be updated to reflect changes in the game or need to be worked on for other reasons.

The flow chart is correct. Someone should write a text description of the process.