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A card is the basic unit of the game. All cards have following properties:

Name Example Meaning
Card name Tantric Goddess The name of the card. This is important for deck building rules. Also, all card are considered to have the values and text associated with that card name in the official card list, regardless of the text printed on the physical card.
Type Character The type of card that this is. For instance, a character or an area or an action.
Subtype Human Shaman A set of descriptive words that describe the card. They do not make any difference to the function of the card, however other cards can effect cards with different subtypes differently.
Range 0 The distance in areas that this card may effect with abilities or constant effects. Actions are treated as if they are originate from the player's leader.
Card text Drain, drain target Human character: Heal the same character fully. This describes all abilities of the card beyond the implied abilities of its type.

Physical Characteristics

The physical cards are 2-15/32 inch by 3-15/32 inch. This is the same size as most TCG cards and sports card, therefor Dim Future cards will fit in standard sleeves.

Adding cards to the wiki

See Adding cards