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Cards are put on the wiki as pages named "Card:card name". Each card page should contain a <card> tag showing the card text and properties. It can optionally have a Notes section that contains information about the card and a Related Cards section that links to other cards. Cards can also belong to other categories in addition to this one. For instance, a category of all cards in a specific faction.

For example (see Scout Runner for what this looks like):

<card>Scout Runner
The Circle
Play Cost: 2P 1L
Restore Cost: 1P 1L
Range: 1
Attack: 1
Endurance: 1
Character -- Human Athlete
Speed: 2

{{cardpage|The Circle}}

The first two lines in the <card> block are the card name and the faction respectively. The lines between the faction and the type are property values in the form "<property name>: <property value>". The property values (range, play cost, restore cost, attack, and endurance) must be placed before the type line. The type line should be a type (Character, Tool, etc) followed by a double-dash ("--") and then the subtype. All the text after the type line is the card text.

For factionless cards, leave the faction line the card tag blank (do not leave out the line, just leave a blank line) and use "Factionless" as the argument to {{cardpage|...}}.

The easiest way to add a card page is to type the full page name ("Card:card name") into the search box and then click "create this page" near the top of the page.

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