The World

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The World

The world of "The Dim Future" is a barren world. War has ravaged the world leaving nothing but broken nations and fragmented peoples, all trying to scratch out a meager living from what they can find by the light of the dimmed sun.

Energy of all kinds is scarce and it is hard keep from starving whether you are a human or an AI living in an abandoned tanks computer system. During the Mage Wars enough dust was raised by the bombs that were dropped that it has formed a permanent cloud around most of the world making solar power just as scarce as any other source.

It has been almost 75 years since the Mage Wars and the exact events that lead up to rediscovery of powerful magic have been all but forgotten. What is known is that during an international expedition to establish a station on the sea floor, there was a large sea quake that kill many of the members of the crew and the ones that did survive found that they had extraordinary powers like the magic of legend. The abilities seemed to spread, so soon there were large numbers of people with what came to be known as "extrascientific powers".

The world is now one of small tribes all trying to survive in the harsh world. Some have embraced their powers and have learned to use them to great potential, while others believe that the powers are demonic or otherwise evil. Also AIs resent the powers because only humans have them. However humans resent the AIs for there use of resources because most humans have not accepted AIs as full citizens and will enslave them.

The Game Setting

The player is the leader of one of these gangs and is represented in the game world by their leader card.

The primary resources that the leader must manage are energy of three kinds: Lay (or magical) energy, Protein, and Electricity. Different characters and actions require various combinations of energy. Also the different factions have different ratios of the three kinds of energy. Some factions don't require one or another type at all. An extreme case of this is the F.I.H.C. that requires only electricity because they are computer based A.I.s. The leader must also arrange their underlings (characters) on their areas to defend themselves and their resources.

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