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  • Change "Leader" to "Controller"
  • Replace "commander" with "officer"
  • Officer can be the source of an "order" and any character can be the source of a "action". Order is a sub class of action.
  • Each faction should have a characteristic energy ratio. Also faction capability list (what kind of thing each faction can and cannot do).
  • Cross-faction synergy/anti-synergy
  • Energy balance all factions (restore)
  • Different types for commander and character actions (or maybe a keyword ability for one or the other)
  • Areas with various sub types (Machine, etc)
  • Limit of 2 areas of the same name in a deck?
  • Damage based area capture?
  • NO unlimited X damage. Always either fixed or limited.
  • Area placement restrictions to make placement more tactical?
    • 6 chosen areas (no wastelands) played face down. Maybe one Wasteland as a seed in the middle of the board.

Specific cards:

  • Universal Quick Guide: Should duplicate range of card
  • Zot staff balance. Ideas:
    • Only reduce to 1 hit point
    • Limit total damage it can do (to 8 perhaps)
  • Lazur too big


  • FIHC: init costs +2, restore costs -1
  • Combat body draining? (unique)
  • Cheaper combat body option (Choices are good)
  • Needs small stuff

Card ideas:

  • Area with commander
  • Installation to Jam commanders
  • Jumping units: moves more than 1 area in 1 move action.