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These are some guide lines for creating new cards.

These are still very preliminary.

Standard Effect Costs

1 Energy 1 Damage
2 Energy Heal 1 Endurance
Draw 1 Card
Drain 1 Energy from a Leader
3 Energy Force a player to discard 1 card
Drain a permanent
4 Energy Destroy an Installation or Tool
5 Energy Destroy a Permanent (not including Areas)

Character Costs

A basic character with no abilities costs about (attack + 1) to play. If it has abilities it will cost more. The standard restore cost for a character is 1/2 of its play cost rounding up (about ((attack/2) + 1) energy per turn). However these are just rules of thumb. Depending on abilities and the flavor of the faction these will vary a lot.

Leaders have no play cost and therefor their only cost is a restore cost which is less than a similar character. For instance, a leader with attack 5 might have a restore cost of 4 depending on it's abilities. This is because the leader does not need to pay them self, only feed them self.

Calibration Values

  • 1 Damage = The amount of damage a normal everyday person can do in hand to hand, unarmed combat.
  • 1 Endurance = One damage will kill it.
  • 1 Energy per turn = Enough energy to keep a character functioning.

For energy equivalences see #Standard Effect Costs.

Note: This page needs to be updated to reflect changes in the game or need to be worked on for other reasons.